Frequently Asked Questions

Each case is based on its own merit and we endeavour to get the claimed settled as swiftly as possible.

The short answer is that you can. However, claiming can be time consuming and you will need the knowledge to tackle the provider yourself; to know what to do if your claim is refused; to know whether an offer of compensation is fair; to go through the appeals process if necessary or to know if your claim could be time barred.

No. Lenders must ‘treat customers fairly’ and you should not be penalised in any way.

If you currently have, or have previously had a Credit card/Loan/Mortgage you feel may have been mis-sold to you, then you can apply for compensation. See the guidelines on our main page.

The actual amount paid will depend on individual circumstances and can vary enormously based on your situation.

These claims are 100% no win no fee, if you are successful we charge 20% plus VAT.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has reported that thousands of mortgages were potentially mis-sold because of the lack of suitable advice given at the time. If you feel that you were not properly advised about your options or the risks involved in taking out your mortgage, then you probably have a valid claim

If your claim is not successful we operate a no win no fee policy.